About Us

We move the margins to the center

We keep the lived experiences of people who are marginalized at the center of everything we do, and illuminate the intersections between sexuality, gender, race, class, ability, age, and more.

We center love, healing, and care

We are working to create a world where people genuinely care for each other, and we also know that dismantling oppression will take deep love and healing, so we infuse these values into everything we do.

We transform hearts, not just minds

We know the forces of injustice will not be defeated with facts, reason, or new vocabularies, so we teach concrete practices that transform hearts and lead to authentic, embodied transformation.


Our History

The Transforming Hearts Collective began as a dream and a vision discussed around a kitchen table. The four of us dreamed of a co-created organization focused on nurturing all it touched—one that integrated anti-oppression and communal care into the core of how it came to be and what it would become. And we talked about the call each of us feels to foster resilience, healing, and long-term resources for the work of social change among our people—queer and trans people, particularly young queer and trans people and queer and trans people of color—as well as to help faith communities practice radical inclusion and dismantle oppression in all of its forms.


Our Practices

The work we do as a collective has four key practices that overlap and inform each other. 


Bring the Transforming Hearts Collective to you!

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